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Calendar of Events


  • PocketSkip Product Beta  - spring 2008
    Mobile Windows version gets tested in the field.
    Beta versions of PocketSkip: Ice Timer and PocketSkip: Strategy Board were used by selected curlers at the Granite Curling Club in Seattle, WA
  • iPodTouch and iPhone development begun!
    We're bringing the power of PocketSkip to the hottest mobile platform!
    PocketSkip Ice Timer is already running on the iTouch emulator and development of PocketSkip: Coach is underway.

Upcoming Events

  • US Mixed Doubles Curling National Championship
    4 - 7 Dec 2008   Two Harbors, MN 

    PocketSkip will be sponsoring at least one teams at this National Championship.
  • 2010 US Olympic Curling Team Trials
    21 - 28 Feb 2009   Denver, CO

    Who will represent the USA in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC, Canada?