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- mobile software tools for competitive curlers

PocketSkip is a suite of tools for mobile platforms that support competitive curlers in objectively measuring and analyzing their performance and field-of-play.

PocketSkip: Ice Timer
  - a specialized stop-watch that lets athletes collect sweeping split-times, and  ice-speed times in a single product.

  -Apple iPhone and iPodTouch
- Windows Mobile (in Beta )

pocketSkip - Available on the iTunes App Store 

  pocketSkip IceTimerPocketSkip: IceTimer WM

PocketSkip: Strategy Board
  - for pre- and post-game strategy discussions
- Windows Mobile (In Beta)

PocketSkip: Strategy Board     PocketSkipStrategyBoard

PocketSkip: Coach
  - a powerful tool for collecting payer performance data for on-ice and off-ice analysis.

  -Apple iPhone and iPodTouch (In Development)
Anticipated release - Fall 2009

PocketSkip: Coach - Coming Soon